Lauterbach µTrace® supports new ARM® Cortex®-M7 Processor

The new ARM® Cortex®-M7 Processor: Cortex-M processor series advantages, optimized for automotive and safety applications with more powerful debug and trace capabilities

Lauterbach µTrace is an all-in-one solution supporting both debug and trace for Cortex-M based processors. By the use of simple and complex breakpoints the developer can control the operation of the program and analyze the data in C and C++. The tool uses USB 3.0 for connection to the host and can connect to the target via JTAG, Serial Wire Debug (SWD) or cJTAG (IEEE 1149.7). When the system is used in tracing mode, the tool has an internal 256Mbyte memory buffer but it can also be set to stream data to the host if the user needs to collect the program flow data for longer periods. 

The ARM Cortex-M7 processor is the latest embedded processor in the ARM Cortex-M processor family. It not only inherits the characteristics from Cortex-M processor series, such as energy efficiency, high performance, ease of use and smaller code, but also is designed with more configurations for automotive and safety applications as well as more powerful debug and trace capabilities. 

"We have enjoyed a close partnership with ARM for many years and we are delighted to extend this relationship still further with support the new Cortex-M7 from ARM from the very beginning." said Stephan Lauterbach, managing director of Lauterbach, "With µTrace, a debug and trace tool for Cortex-M based processors, developers can immediately make full use of the Cortex-M7 advanced debug and trace functionality, ultimately decreasing time to market." 

"µTrace is a proven and popular development tool for the ARM Cortex-M processor family," said Richard York, vice president, embedded marketing, ARM. "The early and complete support of the extended range of debug and trace functionality in the ARM Cortex-M7 processor will bring benefits to developers working in safety, industrial automation, advanced audio and IoT applications.”

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